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blues show


blues show


Traditional Electric Blues & Early Rock & Roll Out of the San Francisco Bay Area!

Traditional Electric Blues & Early Rock & Roll Out of the San Francisco Bay Area!

My new cd  AFTER ALL THIS  is out now!

Recorded at Greaseland with Kid Andersen, Aki Kumar,

Sid Morris, & Brian "'Nucci"" Cantrell!

Stream it here!     Order it at!      Download it at!


Wednesday, November 26th

*** The end of this year is PACKED with exciting shows! ***

11/29 - SMOKING PIG in FREMONT, CA: I will be joined by Sid Morris, Vance Elhers, and Brian "Nucci" Cantrell at Smoking Pig BBQ Company Fremont, with SPECIAL GUEST Kyle Rowland! 8:30pm

12/4 - ARMANDO'S in MARTINEZ, CA: I am honored to play with Mark Hummel once again at Armando S in Martinez with RW Grigsby on bass and D'Mar on drums! 8pm

12/7 - ARMANDO'S in MARTINEZ, CA: The Martinez Music Mafia's 2014 Holiday Pageant & Toy Drive at Armando's in Martinez from 3p to ??? I will be joining Angelique & Between the Dots, Dan Deshara, Frankie G, Garageland Rodeo, Killbillies, The Mighty Elftones, The Muddy Roses, & Sin Silver in collecting toys for underprivileged children. $10 and an unwrapped toy to get in!

12/9 & 12/10 - WINTER BLUES BLAST @ THE TRIANON THEATER in SAN JOSE & DON QUIXOTES in FELTON respectively: I will be joined by Kid Andersen, Vance Ehlers, and Brian "Nucci" Cantrell to back up Alabama Mike to open this year's show! The Kim Wilson Blues All-Stars are headlining with Billy Flynn on guitar and Barrelhouse Chuck on piano, both coming all the way from Chicago! With rhythm section Larry Taylor on bass and Richard Innes on drums. This show is going to be ridiculous. Really. Get tickets here:!winterbluesblast2014/c6v5

12/12 - IVA LEE'S in SAN CLEMENTE, CA: I will be joining my old friend Billy Watson, with Thomas Yearsley on bass, and Brian "Nucci" Cantrell on drums! Iva Lee's Restaurant at 7:30p. This is one of only two Southern California shows until 2015!

12/14 - POUR HOUSE in OCEANSIDE, CA: Billy Watson, Burt Newman, and Brian "Nucci" Cantrell will join me for a show at a newer venue in my old stomping grounds. This is one of only two Southern California shows until 2015!

12/19 - ARMANDO'S HAPPY HOUR & A HALF: This will likely be my last FREE show at Armando's as I am moving to Thursday shows next year!

12/20 - ROXX ON MAIN: Kathleen Wilkie and I will celebrate our birthdays with a show at Roxx on Main. There is limited entry but all our friends are welcome! This will likely be my last show at Roxx as I am moving on to paid Armando's shows in 2015!


Friday, November 21st
♫ After All This - Kyle Jester. Listen @cdbaby

You can now pick up the new CD at Spin Records in Carlsbad, CA! They are also at Vinaka Cafe but might not be in their POS system until next week! And CD Baby has them for fans wanting them shipped

Wednesday, November 19th
Mobile Uploads

Kyle Jester's new cd is out and available at a few select locations around town - pop in to Good Stuff Guitar Shop for one $10!

Tuesday, November 18th
Tuesday, November 18th
Mobile Uploads

So far you can buy the new CD at Good Stuff Guitar Shop and Pakmail, both on Main St in Martinez!

Monday, November 17th

The new CDs are here! Mailing them out tonight and tomorrow!

Saturday, November 15th
After All This by Kyle Jester

Leave a review of the new CD, After All This, on iTunes!

Saturday, November 15th
Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | Big Fat Wallet

Posted a new song: "Big Fat Wallet"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | Turn Your Damper Down

Posted a new song: "Turn Your Damper Down"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | BB Boogie

Posted a new song: "BB Boogie"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | After All This

Posted a new song: "After All This"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | How Can You Be So Mean

Posted a new song: "How Can You Be So Mean"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | Number Nine Train

Posted a new song: "Number Nine Train"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | You Tried To Ruin Me

Posted a new song: "You Tried To Ruin Me"

Monday, November 10th
Kyle Jester Blues Show | Hadacol Bounce

Posted a new song: "Hadacol Bounce"

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Press the Play Button to Hear It! AFTER ALL THIS
Independent Release
Download it HERE! - Order it HERE!

Recorded, engineered, and mastered by Kid Andersen at Greaseland in San Jose, California in September & October of 2014.

Kyle Jester: vocals & guitar on all songs
Kid Andersen: bass on all songs
Brian “Nucci” Cantrell: drums on all songs
Aki Kumar: harmonica on songs 1, 3, 6, 10, 13, 14
Sid Morris: piano on songs 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12
William Russ Jr., Ron E. Beck, Bryant A. Mills, Kid Andersen: background vocals on song 2
Dennis Dove: background vocals on song 8
Unknown: second guitar on song 9
The Don Dally Orchestra: strings on song 11
Press the Play Button to Hear It! AIN'T NO WAY
Independent Release
Download it HERE! - Order it HERE!

Recorded March 13-15, 2004 at Mission Studios except tracks 3, 5, 10, 13, 16 -- from the Elector Studio Sessions in June of 2000

Kyle Jester: Guitar/Vocals on all songs
Kevin Williams: Bass on all songs except *
Tom Essa: Drums on all songs except *
Candye Kane: Vocals on track 4
Sue Palmer: Piano on track 10

* Tracks 3, 5, 10, 13, 16:
Thomas Yearsley: Bass
Vladimir Yarrovinsky: Drums
Press the Play Button to Hear It! ELECTOR STUDIO SESSIONS
Independent Release
Download it HERE!

Recorded at Elector Studio (Thunderbird Analog) in June of 2000

Kyle Jester: Guitar/Vocals on all songs
Thomas Yearsley: Bass
Vladimir Yarrovinsky: Drums
Little Lou's BBQ
with Mark Hummel 1

Little Lou's BBQ
with Mark Hummel 2

Little Lou's BBQ
with Mark Hummel 3

Little Lou's BBQ
with Mark Hummel 4

Little Lou's BBQ
with Mark Hummel 5

A "no-budget" commercial I made
with a GoPro for
Good Stuff Guitar Shop
Voodoo Woman Blues with the
Atomic Road Kings featuring Kid Ramos
Broke & Lonely with the
Atomic Road Kings



Kyle Jester: Vocals/Guitar

I formerly played with Candye Kane, Earl Thomas, and Thomas Yearsley of the Paladins. My brand new album After All This, featuring Kid Andersen, Aki Kumar, and Sid Morris, is out now! I toured all over Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States playing huge festivals and tiny dives with Candye Kane. She invited me to sing a duet with her on her 2003 release Whole Lotta Love and the song became her second most downloaded song out of 12 albums. It's called Fit, Fat, & Fine and you can listen to a sample here.

Lee Jefferiess: Upright Bass

Known for touring and recording with Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys on pedal steel for years, Lee is also an accomplished upright player, steeped in early traditional American roots music.

Brian "Nucci" Cantrell: Drums

Nucci has played on over 100 albums and toured the western world extensively.


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